About Us

Who we are

The Pools Shop, Inc. is a company that distributes equipment and chemicals to stores and contractors of the pool industry in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. At the present we have representation on equipments of recognized brands like: Zodiac, Hayward, Waterco USA, Intermatic, Quaquer Plastic, Haviland USA, Biolab, Aladdin, and our private brand labels in pumps and chemicals.

Our Objectives:

Our main objective is to find the best quality products and the best prices in the market, buying directly from the manufacturer in order to provide alternatives to our clients with different budgets and necessities. Our second objective is to obtain the best support from manufacturers and provide warranties directly, so we can provide a better product representation.


We obtain the best support from our suppliers for every product that our clients buy. If a purchased product has any functional imperfection we are able to replace it in a timely manner that our clients find reasonable, thus offering the best quality of service.

Future Goals

Among our goals is the expansion of The Pool Shop and Patio Shop in Puerto Rico metropolitan area. We are also planning to distribute not only to the Caribbean, but also to South America. At the moment we have clients in St. Thomas, St. Croix, Dominican Republic, Panamá, and around PR Islands.


Our priority is on the distribution of products and we work together with our suppliers through an effective marketing strategy in order to promote these products, obtain productive sales, and provide efficient support to the stores that distribute them. Not only we offer support and warranty on all products, but also provide collateral marketing materials like flyers and banners. We also provide knowledge with educative chats in different areas throughout PR. These chats are conducted once or twice a year, thus allowing us to provide the best quality and representation. Also, we give priority to those products that our suppliers grant exclusive representation.